The JM-3055 from General Pipe Cleaners packs plenty of punch to clear grease, sludge, sand, ice and other stubborn stoppages from long, outside 4” to 8” lines, the company says. The machine’s 3000 psi, 5.5 gpm pump unleashes high-pressure water streams that pulverize clogs — and flush them away. On-demand Vibra-pulse technology helps the hose slide easily down long runs — and around tight bends. Easily maneuvered into position, the JM-3055 sports a removable 300’ capacity hose reel mounted on a robust, tubular chassis with four, flat-free foam core tires and a wheel brake. Standard safety features include a thermal relief valve to protect the pump from heat damage, a backflow check valve and inlet filter. The JM-3055 also comes complete with toolbox and spray wand with trigger.