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I’m quickly approaching my 10-year anniversary at BNP Media, which means I will have been writing about the HVAC and plumbing industry for a decade. Time sure does fly! When I first started attending tradeshows and conferences covering the HVACR industry, I was often the only woman in the room. Which, when you think about it, isn’t that surprising as stereotypes and societal norms have historically discouraged women from pursuing careers in all trades, but especially in plumbing.

However, as attitudes evolve and opportunities expand, more and more women are finding success and fulfillment in both the plumbing and HVACR industries. This is evidenced by the increasing number of women seen on the tradeshow floor and conference rooms at industry events.

At the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show last year, I had the chance to meet the incredible Judaline Cassidy, founder and chief vision officer of Tools & Tiaras and self-proclaimed feminist plumber, and she said something that really stuck with me: “Jobs don’t have genders.”

Women continue to make significant contributions to the plumbing profession. Women bring diverse perspectives, problem-solving skills and attention to detail to their work, enhancing the quality and effectiveness of plumbing services. Their presence in the industry not only promotes diversity but also fosters a more inclusive and supportive work environment for all employees.

One of the most significant advantages of increasing the participation of women in plumbing is the ability to better serve diverse customer needs. In many cases, female customers may feel more comfortable working with a female plumber, especially in situations that require entering private spaces or discussing sensitive issues. By diversifying the workforce, plumbing companies can better cater to the needs and preferences of their clients, ultimately improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

One way to attract more women into the trade is by highlighting success stories of women in the plumbing industry to inspire others to pursue their passion for this field. By showcasing women who have overcome challenges, achieved success and earned respect in the plumbing industry, we can encourage more women to consider plumbing as a viable and rewarding career option.

As the editor of Plumbing & Mechanical, I love meeting people in this amazing industry and hearing their stories. In this issue of the magazine, we highlight 10 incredible women making their mark in this industry. I hope their personal stories help encourage more women to follow in their footsteps.

As more women break through barriers and contribute their skills to the plumbing profession, the industry becomes more diverse, innovative, and inclusive. By challenging stereotypes and promoting equality, the plumbing industry can continue to benefit from the valuable contributions of both men and women, ensuring a brighter and more balanced future for the field.