StreamLabs, a Chubb company, announced the launch of Scout, a new point-of-leak sensor distinguished by its small size and contemporary design, DIY setup and ability to be used independently or as part of a StreamLabs leak detection system. Scout alerts homeowners, tenants or commercial property managers in real-time to the presence of water, and also sends alerts for fluctuating temperature and humidity levels that may indicate a leak or the risk of frozen pipes. Scout is self-installed in minutes, with no pipe-cutting required and is compatible with the StreamLabs’ Control, which can automatically turn off water if a leak or freeze conditions are detected. In addition to an audible alarm, Scout sends real-time alerts via Wi-Fi to the StreamLabs mobile app and the StreamLabs Concierge web app, providing the opportunity to take action and prevent what otherwise could have resulted in major damage if undetected. A network of Scouts can be placed in basements, laundry rooms, behind toilets, under sinks or near water heaters for early leak detection, as well as placed next to sump pumps or in air conditioning condensate pans to alert you to pooling or dripping water. Scout sensors are also a great solution for condos where automatic water shut-off devices may not be an option.