The Caleffi 577 Series XF “Xtra Filtration” filter facilitates removal of debris at the first pass, yielding an unparalleled system cleaning while maintaining operational efficiency. The Caleffi XF is a “triple pass” separator-filter that protects components in hydronic systems by maintaining impurity-free hydronic fluid, maximizing heat transfer efficiency. The XF is perfect for heat pump and boiler applications due to its multi-filter design, efficient particle separation and an industry-first internal brush mechanism for servicing. By rotating the top of the XF body, the brush scrapes the fine mesh filter clean. Halting 160 µm impurities and larger, the XF can be mounted in vertical or horizontal applications due to its rotating collar. The XF has bypass functionality, so system operators can bypass up to 50% of the fluid flow to reduce pressure drop and put less demand on circulators.