When High 5 Plumbing, a family-owned and operated plumbing company serving residents in the greater Denver metropolitan area, started the High 5 Cares program, it was to provide recognition and support to nonprofits in the Denver area. This year, the plumbing company is celebrating the program’s five-year anniversary.

Since the inception of High 5 Cares, the program has helped provide funds to over 41 different nonprofits for a total of $81,893.86.

"One of our core values as a company is giving back to the community,” said Levi Torres, co-owner of High 5 Plumbing. “Our customers are like family to us, and we wouldn’t be as successful as we are today without the community we serve. So, it’s our responsibility to show them that we are always thinking about the community and ways to provide support. High 5 Cares gives us an avenue to do just that.”

The High 5 Cares program helps shine a spotlight on different nonprofits throughout the year with the use of social media. As part of the program, High 5 Plumbing currently donates a dedicated amount of $3,000 over the span of the spotlight plus any additional funds generated from employee donations and the profits of the High 5 clothing line.

“While providing funds to these organizations is great, what we really want to do is raise awareness and show others in the community how important the nonprofits are to those in need,” said Cassi Torres, co-owner of High 5 Plumbing. “High 5 Cares is about more than giving money. It’s about giving back and showing others that no matter what you may be going through, there is a support system available for them.”

High 5 Plumbing offers a variety of plumbing services to residents in the Denver area, including repair and installation, drain cleaning, pump plumbing, piping, garbage disposal services, sewer line repair, gas plumbing, water heater installation and much more. In addition, the company offers 24/7 emergency services.

To learn more about High 5 Plumbing, visit www.high5plumbing.com. To learn more about High 5 Cares, visit www.high5plumbing.com/high5-cares.