Illinois-based water heating manufacturer Intellihot was recently recognized by Fast Company on its “The Best Workplace For Innovators” list for 2023. Coming on the heels of the world’s first tankless heat pump water heater being launched by Intellihot in early 2023, the development confirms the company’s organizational culture as the driving force behind its history of disruptive innovations.

With over 60 patents, Intellihot has been innovating, manufacturing and selling tankless water heaters for large commercial applications like hotels and multi-family properties since 2009. Their products’ immense space-saving, cost-reducing and energy-efficient features have made Intellihot the brand standard for Marriott. However, Intellihot’s Founder and CEO Sridhar Deivasigamani reveals that the company’s dogged focus on sustainability could be the most critical reason behind its award-winning work culture.

“Our organizational philosophy has been simple. If you find and nurture highly-skilled individuals in an inclusively collaborative atmosphere, empower them to take up professionally-rewarding responsibilities, and direct their focus towards an altruistic mission like reducing energy wastage, employees tend to find a potent purpose at work which drives their best work,” says Deivasigamani.

While Intellihot’s aforementioned launch of the world’s first tankless heat pump water heater (The Electron Series) has become its crown jewel of innovations, the manufacturer has had a persistent history of transformational innovations. It has won an Edison Award for an AI-powered water heater failure forecasting service, built the world’s highest-capacity tankless water heater as small as a refrigerator, and patented a technology that can predict failures and service needs.

“Intellihot’s commitment to innovation and its proven ability to deliver meaningful, immediate and positive impact is indicative of the role dedicated companies and their teams can have on changing the world for the better,” said Praveen Sahay, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Wave Equity Partners. “As Intellihot’s lead investor, we immediately saw the promise of their products to drive both financial and environmental benefits, and we are incredibly proud to be involved in their ongoing growth and success.”  

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