The EZ Flush Sensor Retrofit Kit features a durable, chrome-plated metal finish that is impact-resistant, deterring vandalism. The unit is battery-powered, sensor operated and features a true mechanical override button to deliver on-demand flushing. The unit’s gear-driven operation outperforms temperamental solenoids, minimizing replacement costs, the company says. It also has a toggle feature that allows for optional 24-hour line flushing. The infrared sensor flush activation supports a hygienic restroom experience by eliminating touchpoints and is angled for optimum user detection. The internal sensor and motor components never encounter water, helping to ensure reliable operation for the lifetime of a commercial restroom. With its side-mounted design, the new EZ Flush Sensor Retrofit Kit allows for installation on either the right or left side of the flush valve. Installation is completed by simply removing the existing handle and installing the side-mounted sensor retrofit kit.