Sloan announced its partnership with The Water Council as the inaugural member of its recently-launched WAVE program.

A water stewardship initiative, the WAVE program provides companies like Sloan — a Water Council member since 2011 — with ways to improve their water stewardship efforts.

These efforts are then independently verified by SCS Global Services, an international leader in third-party sustainability verification. Verified companies can confidently state they are credibly and strategically addressing water challenges and opportunities where it matters most.

“Water is earth’s most precious resource, and it’s important to understand and prioritize our water risks and shared water challenges in order to become better stewards,” said Patrick Boyle, Sloan director of sustainability. “Sloan’s historic partnership with The Water Council’s WAVE program provides us with an exciting opportunity to lead by example by communicating our corporate water stewardship efforts.”

The six-step methodology for improving, reporting, and reorganizing effective corporate water stewardship includes:

  • Understanding water uses, impacts and risks;
  • Approving a corporate water stewardship policy;
  • Prioritizing sites where water-related risks can be mitigated; and
  • Communicating a corporate action plan, goals and timeline.

“Sloan is a market leader and global influencer when it comes to sustainability, and we’re proud to welcome them as the first official WAVE client,” said Dean Amhaus, The Water Council president and CEO. “We designed WAVE to benefit a variety of companies, whether you’re just starting on your water stewardship journey or already addressing water risks like Sloan.”