All of us at Radiant Professionals Alliance hope that you and your family and friends are safe and in good health. With vaccines now available, there is hope that COVID-19 cases are reduced, and things are getting better. States are opening back up and businesses are working to rebound and get back on their feet as we try and get back to some normalcy. Like most of you, the RPA has had to pivot on how we do things. Traveling, in-person events, etc., have been limited due to COVID-19 precautionary guidelines, yet we still want to engage our members and provide value — just in different ways than we have been accustomed. We continue to try different things and focus on improving the experience for each of you. 

Social media 

Are you aware of the numerous social media options that RPA offers? Looking for some training and education videos? Check out the RPA’s YouTube channel. Want to get involved with some discussions and find out what’s happening at RPA? Connect with our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram pages. Lots of great information is at your fingertips. 

The value of RPA membership 

The RPA is the only trade association dedicated to the promotion of this industry that has direct ties to a recognized worldwide plumbing and mechanical code writing organization whose codes are developed by the industry, for the industry. 

As a member of RPA, you will be able to be an integral part of the inclusion of radiant provisions in the code development process by having a voice and a vote. Your voice and vote will help shape the future of the industry. Our No. 1 goal is to protect the health and safety of the nation, which is achieved by drawing knowledge from members with expertise directly from the plumbing and mechanical Industry. 

Together, we reach where individually we cannot. Some other membership benefits include: 

  1. When technology changes, you’ll be among the first to know. RPA manufacturer members are in close contact with RPA trade members, and they are very responsive. When you have questions, you’ll get quick answers;
  2. You’re among friends, and your friends are the sharpest radiant professionals in the business. We share what we know with each other, and that makes you more successful;
  3. In the world of the internet, many RPA members hear from customers who are not in their service area but need help. These members recommend other members who can take on that job. RPA membership brings in new business;
  4. You are never alone. When you face a challenge, your fellow RPA members will rally around you to help. A phone call or an email is all it takes; and
  5. Consumers appreciate the level of skills an RPA member must have to be certified. This is often the difference between “no sale” and “sold!”

Your voice and vote will help shape the future of the industry. Our No. 1 goal is to protect the health and safety of the nation, which is achieved by drawing knowledge from members with expertise directly from the plumbing and mechanical Industry.

How are you benefiting by being a member? We want to make sure we are meeting your needs as a member by providing industry information, representing your interests, training, certifications, enhancing the growth of your profession, raising awareness on issues, advocating on industry issues, networking, etc. RPA’s catalog of the best continuing education classes in our industry remains available for you to access from the comfort of your home, on your own schedule. Many people are teleworking or taking classes online, as opposed to in person due to social distancing. Take advantage of these opportunities and visit often for updated information.

What products and services would you like to see that we presently do not offer? All of us at the RPA appreciate each one of our existing, former and prospective members. The membership department is here to assist you in any way we can. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and helping you maximize your membership. 

New membership database 

The RPA is proud to announce that we have updated our membership database software. There will be many enhancements that will allow us to interact with you more efficiently. Our RPA membership group is all housed in one location — initially with IAPMO and the Dispensing Equipment Alliance, and will then be joined by ASSE. The online store will also be run through this software. We will be providing updates to all of you. 

Members will also be able to update their contact information themselves and even add a picture of themselves. One major change is your membership expiration date will be month specific. For example: May 2022, as opposed to a specific date, such as May 15, 2022. 

Our government and organization members will now be able to provide us with additional contact information, so that they can have their own login information and not have to go through the key contact, as they do now, to receive member benefits. 

We look forward to your feedback, and please do not hesitate to ask any questions.