Jacksonville, Florida-based W.W. Gay Mechanical Contractor was recently recognized as the MCAA/CNA Safety Excellence Awards winner for 2020 in Size Category 5, More Than 1 Million Work Hours. W.W. Gay’s complex safety and health education processes set the company apart.

W.W. Gay built safety awareness and accountability by implementing targeted safety and health education processes and relating safety-related losses back to the company’s overall financial performance. By doing so, it generated buy-in from multiple rungs of the organization that were previously not included in the safety process.

The MCAA/CNA Safety Excellence Awards Program began in the 1990s when MCAA partnered with CNA Insurance. It is a fiercely competitive program in which only the best of the best compete for the awards.

Participants are required to describe their safety programs in detail, including how they achieved safety excellence and why they believe they deserve the award. The Safety Awards Selection Taskforce, which is led by CNA, carefully evaluates each submission looking for safety leadership, an advanced safety culture, effective leading indicators of safety performance and innovative safety initiatives that helped the company achieve an exceptionally high degree of safety excellence.

MCAA and CNA congratulate W.W. Gay Mechanical Contractor for earning such a high degree of safety excellence in 2020.