Gerenal's hand-held Super-Vee unclogs sink, shower, toilet and laundry lines up to 3" in diameter. The Slide-Action chuck engages and releases Flexicore cable with a simple push or pull of Super-Vee’s Grip-Shield – even while cable rotates. The chuck also automatically adjusts to 1/4” through 3/8” diameter cables. General’s adds the quick-change cartridges let users easily switch or clean cables without delay or mess.

Flexicore cables are left hand coiled over a wire rope core – then heat-treated. This design gives cables strength without sacrificing flexibility. Flexicore is carries a one-year warranty against breakage.

Powered by a variable speed motor, Super-Vee carries up to 50 ft. of 1/4” or 5/16”, or 35 ft. of 3/8” Flexicore cable. A wide range of cables and cutters are available, too. Accessories include the novel Handy-Stand and Uni-Stand to facilitate working in cramped spots, General notes.