Service World Expo is making a major pivot, company officials recently announced. The show will still go on, but based on the responses of a survey of prior attendees, the show will be virtual instead of a physical event. But it will be a different kind of virtual, powered by incredibly robust and creative software. Imagine Service World Expo as a video game.

“In 2020, people have become so accustomed to virtual meetings that they are now boring, passé,” said Service Roundtable President, Matt Michel.  “That will not be the case with Service World. This will not be a glorified webinar. It is not another Zoom call. It is a true virtual event. As such, it will be virtually unlimited. It will be science fiction virtual. It will be like something you would expect from a video game or from a movie. It will be unlike any virtual show seen in the service trades to date. Service World Expo is making a major investment to bring contractors and exhibitors the industry’s most exciting event in 2020.”

Each day will start with a general session and a keynote speaker. The keynotes include Phoenix contractor Lou Hobaica; motivational speaker, Kevin Brown; and Michel. Breakouts will follow the general sessions. The trade show will follow the breakouts. The same speakers who were lined up for breakouts in the physical show will give the breakouts for the virtual event. Each speaker will go to a virtual room after the presentation to answer questions. 

The trade show will blow attendees away. A number of booths will be able to use virtual reality and augmented reality. Attendees will be able to immerse themselves in one of these booths and get a 360-degree panorama. They will be able to see products in three dimensions and walk around them, just like a real show.

Show attendees can talk with key personnel manning a booth in one-on-one situations to learn more about products and services that can help them make more money. Or, if the queue is too long, they can set an appointment for later. Time is reserved in the afternoons for appointments.

Since this is a virtual show, virtually anything is possible, company officials said. An exhibitor can build a portal into a booth that takes people directly to the factory and allows them look around the factory in real time. 

After-hours events and networking is covered, too. After-hours events are being created that contractors will want to attend. They will have the opportunity to meet virtually with others in a similar way to a physical show. Of course, attendees will need to provide their own adult beverages.

Building the virtual show will take the next two months. Each booth must be uniquely designed. Even with the software powering the event, a lot of programming is necessary. The show will be held Sept.22-24, as planned.

Click the link for an example of the virtual booths to hear more from Liz Patrick as she would appear in augmented reality. Be sure to register at the link as well. Since the show is virtual, registration is free: