Viega is recognizing the myriad contributions of women in plumbing and HVAC. Their presence in every aspect of the trades from design and manufacturing to executive leadership to turning wrenches and fitting pipe is often overshadowed in predominantly male fields. At a time when the trades need to become younger and more diverse, it’s essential to retain, train and promote more women.

“Spotlighting women in this industry is becoming easier and more exciting to do because there are so many more to choose from than there were when I joined the industry in the early 1980s,” said Dalyn Cantrell, senior director of national accounts and residential sales, Viega. “Women aren’t afraid to join the trades anymore, where just a few years ago it was predominantly a path forward for men.”

The series hosted on Viega’s blog and through its social media accounts will continue indefinitely. So far, it has recognized three women, two of whom work for Viega:

  • Katie Parris, owner, The Part Works: Parris learned the plumbing parts business from her parents and eventually succeeded them at the helm of the wholesale plumbing specialties distributorship in Seattle. She has modernized the firm, adding e-commerce capability and guiding it to a 200% increase in business. Next on the to-do list: adding a second location in Portland, Ore.
  • Tricia Musgrave, director of technical marketing, Viega: Musgrave was working for Vanguard Piping Systems of McPherson, Kan., when Viega bought the company in 2005. She rose steadily through the ranks and now oversees a team responsible for codes and standards, regulatory compliance, project management, product data and technical literature.
  • Kim Smith, supervisor, molding, Viega: Like many of Viega’s U.S. employees, Smith was working for another company that was acquired by Viega as part of its expansion and relocation from Massachusetts to Kansas. She decided to give her new employer a chance and progressed through a series of positions from assembly worker to manager and supervisor in the plant.