Amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, one of the most significant impacts on construction businesses is the effect that personnel protection measures have had on construction permitting and inspections.  Many authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs), including towns, cities and counties around the nation, have determined to close their public walk-up functions for permitting activities by cancelling permit issuances altogether and/or by eliminating construction inspections. One solution to this reality is to transition to “no touch” practices.


“No Touch” permitting and inspections
Remote permitting

  • Permit applications can be accepted via email or a web portal — this function already exists in a substantial number of jurisdictions around the country;
  • Plan checkers can work remotely to review applications;
  • Corrections can be issued via email, or via plan changes via electronic plan document markups; and
  • Fees paid electronically or via mail.


Virtual inspections

  • Inspections via live video; 
  • Each project type must have an inspection checklist – in-floor, staple-up, chilled beam, radiant wall, etc.;
  • Inspection authority must have formally adopted the process and trained inspectors in the procedure; and
  • Project site must have internet streaming access with adequate bandwidth.