The AHR Expo has always been a gathering place for HVACR and plumbing professionals to understand the latest developments in the industry, and show management work hard each year to put together an experience that benefits attendees' personal careers and business relationships. As such, show management would like to extend these efforts to support those in the community who remain out in the field while we navigate a rapidly changing situation.

Technicians, distributors, owners, contractors and anyone else continuing to show up for service calls, deliveries, and etc., AHR Expo show management has put together a list of tips surveyed from industry colleagues directing employees for safety protocol.




Wash your hands as often as possible with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds (per CDC guidelines). This includes before and after eating and before entering and leaving each jobsite. No access to soap and water? Use hand sanitizer that is at least 70% alcohol-based.

  • TIP: Sing the Happy Birthday song twice while washing your hands



Stay home if you are experiencing fever, cough, cold or flu-like symptoms.

Have a fever of 100 degrees or higher? Consult your doctor and stay home until you’re fever-free without using fever-reducing medication for 24 hours.

Have a family member who is sick or experiencing symptoms? Inform your employer and discuss what the company practices are.

Been in contact with someone that is sick or has tested positive? Notify your employer so that proper protocols can be put in place to notify team members.



When scheduling appointments or arriving at a dispatched job, inquire if customers or anyone in their household has recently been sick or symptomatic. Is a customer sick? Encourage sick or recovering customers to reschedule standing or non-urgent appointments.

  • TIP: Take the time to let your customers know that you are well.



Limit contact and avoid unnecessary contact points in customer homes and businesses. This includes no handshaking and touching only required surfaces to complete the job.

Arriving at a job? Use caution and consider wearing booties to cover your shoes and protective gloves when entering residential spaces, particularly if you are entering a home with a suspected sick person.

  • TIP: Wear gloves if possible when in contact with common areas.

The tip sheet can be downloaded here. Contractors can hang this in offices, service vehicles or anywhere else where a detailed checklist may help  employees keep these important safety practices top of mind in the coming weeks.