The old adage goes, “Do something good for someone and they’ll tell 10 people. Do something bad to someone and they’ll tell 100 people.”

The good old days meant you could be human and mess up and not that many people would know. Those days are gone! Today when you mess up, there’s a potential worldwide audience who can have full access to your falling on your face.

Don’t believe me?

How many scandals and falls from grace have you learned about in the news and social media over the last few years?

I know for a fact that you don’t have to be a news junkie or, worse yet, a fan of shows like “Dateline” (and the proliferation of similar type shows) to see the fallout from lives shattered by being put on display. Things go viral well before the truth is discovered or even pursued. It’s like the speed of so many viral cat videos that get forwarded everywhere and to everyone via emails, texts, social networking sites and more.