The New Flat Rate, a provider of menu pricing for residential home services, announced the release of a new and enhanced version of the Equipment Pricing System on The New Flat Rate application dashboard. The new system, which is now available to all members, was created to give users a more efficient way to update their equipment pricing.

“At The New Flat Rate, we know it’s important to continually update and enhance our products for our members – because when we’re better, they’re better,” said Rodney Koop, founder and CEO of The New Flat Rate. “Equipment sales have far too long been a headache for the industry. Our goal was to make it easy and fun again to price larger residential jobs for contractors in a format that allows the homeowner to feel zero sales pressure.”

The new enhanced system includes the following key features:

  • Improved user interface functionality so users get where they want to be and back faster;
  • Enhanced accessibility to all elements needed to update prices;
  • Section by section preview of all pricing adjustments in real time;
  • Ability to adjust prices on multiple tasks and save them all at once;
  • Quick and seamless process for making adjustments to individual task prices;
  • A pricing draft that can be saved without affecting published pricing within the app;
  • A pricing draft that allows users to save their progress and return to it at a later time; and
  • Visual indicators that allow for easier navigation through custom pricing.

“Our mission is to always give our customers and their businesses a competitive advantage in the industry,” said Koop. “From furnace and air conditioning replacements, to split dual fuel, boiler replacements and even ductless mini splits – The new enhancements do just that by making it simple to quickly update hard costs or selling prices, section by section.”

The new features are currently available for the Equipment System, but will soon be phased into the HVAC, plumbing and electrical service systems.