Unlike their traditional storage tank-based counterparts, tankless water heaters are capable of providing a constant flow of hot water on-demand. The concept is relatively simple: The heaters function by coupling a modulating burner with a high-efficiency heat exchanger.

Given their higher efficiency, these heaters are an effective way to save on energy consumption: End users can typically conserve up to 40% in annual energy costs versus tank-type water heaters; making them attractive to both eco-minded and budget-conscious customers.

These two factors make tankless water heaters popular with consumers, and with the right strategy, contractors can help their customers reap the benefits, whether with new construction or a retrofit upgrade.


Be comfortable with the product

Here are four tips that will help contractors when installing and servicing tankless water heaters:

1. Review the manual prior to installation. This is 101-level advice, but it is painful to hear about mistakes that should have been avoided, so it bears repeating: The most important thing a contractor can do for himself or herself (and the customer) is to get comfortable with the product he or she will be installing. The best way to do this is through the manufacturer’s installation manual/brochure; no one knows the product better than the manufacturer, so don’t take this resource for granted.