The Noritz Residential Combination Boiler (NRCB) allows for simultaneous residential domestic hot water and space heating. Performing at a 95% AFUE, the unit is EPA ENERGY STAR certified. The unit is available in two models; the NRCB180DV, which has a maximum gas input Btuh of 180,000 for hot water and 100,000 for space heating, and the NRCB199DV, which has a maximum gas input Btuh of 199,000 for hot water and 120,000 for space heating. On the space heating side, the NRCB has a temperature range of 80° F to 180° F (27° C to 82° C); on the domestic hot water side, the range is 90°F to 140° F (32°C to 60° C). With flow rates ranging from 9.8 gpm to 11.1 gpm, the NRCB provides nearly twice as much flow as other models, the company says. Furthermore, a flow control valve ensures a consistent temperature for domestic hot water demand, regardless of incoming water temperature. This allows for greater domestic hot water flow and more precise temperature stability, translating to a higher level of customer satisfaction, Noritz notes. Additionally, the NRCB’s use of 316L austenite stainless steel primary and secondary heat exchangers have higher corrosion resistance than traditional heat exchangers, resulting in increased durability and a longer lifespan, the company says.

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