Potty training pads

When working under a sink or repairing a toilet and you have water dripping, use puppy training pads to help soak up the drips and spills. You can also leave a few with a customer so if they have a leak, it’s contained until you get there.

Ron Gillespie

Victory Plumbing Services



Emptying a water heater

Can’t empty a water heater due to sediment? Get a 1/2-inch piece of PEX and hook up a boiler drain to the end. You don’t have to worry about ceiling height, it will bend right in. Siphon a little bit. Hook it up to transfer pump.

Mike Dillon

Mike Dillon Plumbing Services

Pipersville, Pennsylvania


Color-coding sized tools

We’ve all been there, are getting there or will be there one day! Our eyesight begins to fail and it’s not quite what it used to be. Sized tools, such as sockets, nut-drivers, wrenches and more, with those pesky little stamped numbers can be espe-cially hard to see. I’ve found that you can take a contrasting-colored paint pen, fill the stamp and wipe off the excess, while leaving the bright colored numbers filled. This makes the size pop and easy to read! No more squinting and strug-gling, finding the flashlight, grabbing for your ‘cheaters’ or just picking one and hoping you’re lucky. Pick the right size, the first time and look professional to your client!

Spencer Hanes

Arroyo Directional Fluid Services

Canadian, Texas


Send Us Your Tool Tips

If you have an idea that has saved you time and money, Plumbing & Mechanical would like to share your tip with our readers. The first-place winner each month will receive a Kinetic Water Ram from General Pipe Cleaners with a retail value of $325. Read here for more details