Uniform programs have long been a tool in helping improve and maintain business image by effectively promoting a company brand and projecting a professional appearance. And research continues to support an overall consumer preference for being serviced by uniformed employees.

Uniforms can also increase the likelihood of customers buying from a provider with uniformed employees, offering a distinct competitive advantage. But when it comes to implementing a managed uniform program in the workplace or out in the field, businesses have several options to consider, including directly purchasing their employee uniforms or contracting with a reputable managed uniform and textile rental service provider.

A survey conducted by the Textile Rental Service Association (TRSA), an international organization representing textile services industry companies, asked uniform rental decision makers in a range of blue-collar and white-collar industries who currently rent uniforms what reasons influence their decisions to contract with a managed uniform program. Top responses included:

Garment maintenance: With a managed program, uniforms are picked up/delivered and hygienically cleaned on a regular schedule, maintained, repaired and replaced as needed by the service provider.

Convenience: A contracted program eliminates the need to manage and handle all the administration of a uniform program in-house.

Contamination contact: Industrial laundering programs are better able to handle proper wash requirements for uniforms that come into contact with heavy soils or hazardous materials.

Quality: Managed uniform service programs maintain high quality workwear longer as they are properly maintained.

Cost savings: With no upfront purchase costs, low weekly costs per wearer, and hygienic laundering, plus any needed repairs and replacements of all workwear, managed uniform programs can help businesses realize significant cost savings over the term of their agreement.

Storage space: Contracting uniform service frees up required storage space for other uses.

Uniform program management: Uniforms are often used as a level of security and safety for employees, and the service provider helps in managing the process through inventory, maintenance, repair, etc.

These points are all the things we ask potential customers to consider when discussing uniform rental programs. There are many conveniences offered by a managed uniform program, and this survey feedback reflects the primary points we stress. Savvy businesses recognize the value of freeing themselves of the ongoing time and maintenance requirements that go along with a self-managed uniform program.

There are regulatory compliance issues surrounding industries that require proper safety garments for their uniform programs, especially those that relate to flame resistant (FR), high visibility, healthcare and food processing uniforms. Through managed rental programs, a reputable uniform service supplier can supply the right garments for the jobs at hand to help workwear compliance programs remain in good standing.

For those considering a uniform rental program, whatever the reason — business and brand image, safety concerns or cost savings — these seven influencers cited by uniform rental decision-makers could be a key component in your decision-making process. RJ 2.0