Century-old, locally-grown Farrell Brothers Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning company owner and operator Randy Rowe decided to boost business and the local economy of New York’s capital city by becoming a member of “The Punctual Plumber” brand, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing and One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning. 

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing and One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning has independently owned and operated locations throughout North America. They pride themselves on their commitment to customer service with repair services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

“We’re excited to welcome Randy Rowe and the Farrell Brothers team as part of our national network,” said Mark Baker, president of franchise, Direct Energy. “Their commitment to exceptional customer service is what sets them apart, and we look forward to working with them as they continue to serve the community.”

Farrell Brothers was founded 98 years ago in 1921, in Albany, New York. Rowe first joined Farrell Brothers at the apprentice level in 1985 when he began working alongside the second and third generation family members of the founder. In 1921, the company was known locally as “The Original Plumbing Shop on Wheels.” Farrell Brothers’ commitment to moving the needle forward by joining the U.S. brands, Benjamin Franklin and One Hour, is a testament to the founders’ dedication to Albany residents’ needs in innovative ways.

Farrell Brothers operates a fleet of 12 service and utility vehicles employing approximately 18 people. By joining with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing and One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating, the local company will be able to continue training staff with the best resources, provide stronger warranties and guarantees and lower product costs – particularly as the Northeastern U.S. struggles through the aftermath of another Polar Vortex and winter of dramatically shifting temperatures.