Securing a retainer clip

When installing a new garbage disposal, if you have an issue with securing the retainer clip onto the disposal flange (the flange can often push up from the sink), you can lay a rag or towel in the sink, place the new disposal into the sink, and use the weight of the disposal to hold down the flange. I’ve encountered the disposal flange popping up countless times — this is how I approach every disposal job now. 

Jeremy C. Frady

Columbus Plumbing Co.

Columbus, Georgia


Retrieving a broken auger head

When the head breaks off your auger, an easy way to retrieve the missing implement is by using a small piece of a rag, wrapping it around a stack of neodymium magnets, and tying the rag closed with a small nylon string. Attach the magnets to the end of the auger and insert the auger back into the drain. The implement will stick to the magnets and be retrieved. If the magnets disconnect from the auger, the string is used as a safety device to retrieve the magnets.

Paul Howard

A.B.T. Plumbing, Electric, Heat and Air

Grass Valley, California


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