CONNECT 2018 will feature several well-respectedkeynote speakers who will explore how to engage theemerging workforce and respond to economic changesin one’s plumbing business.

Mike Michalowicz, authorand entrepreneur, will present “The Pumpkin Plan: ASimple Strategy for Growing aRemarkable Business” the morning of Oct. 10. Under the pressure to stay alive — let alonegrow — it’s easy for entrepreneurs to get caught up in a never-ending cycle of “sell it, do it, sell it, do it” that leavesthem exhausted, frustrated and unable to get aheadno matter how hard they try. 

Experiencing this exactsituation, Michalowicz discovered a business strategyfrom farmers. Not the everyday guys, but those countyfair geeks who grow 1-ton pumpkins. They hold thesecret to explosive growth, and Michalowicz will show attendees how it applies directly to their businesses.