REHAU commissioned a study to compare different pipe and fitting systems used in commercial plumbing projects and the results are in.

The study was conducted by Home Innovation Research Labs and done to quantify the installation time savings plumbers can achieve using the REHAU PEXa plumbing system vs. rigid piping systems and other cold-expansion PEX systems, according to REHAU.

The study compared the installation of four systems: copper pipe with press fittings; copper pipe with solder fittings; PEXa pie with ASTM F1960 cold-expansion fittings; and REHAU PEXa piep with EVERLOC+ fittings. The timed installations were conducted by an experience commercial plumbing crew in two identical sections of a mockup hotel guest floor. Each of the four systems were installed on a section of the mockup by two different plumbers an included 1/2”, 3/4”, 1”, 1 1/4”, and 2” piping.

The study found:

▪ The REHAU PEXa pipe with EVERLOC+ fitting system installed 66% faster than copper with solder fittings, 52% faster than copper with press fittings and 21% faster than PEXa with ASTM F1960 cold-expansion fittings;

▪ PEXa systems and the copper solder system passed the 60-psi (413 kPA) pressure test on the first attempt, while two un-pressed fittings were discovered in the copper press installation during the pressure test;

▪ Installation time for PEXa with ASTM F1960 cold-expansion fittings increased by 33% vs. REHAU PEXa with EVERLOC+ during a cold-room installation, with temperature slightly above freezing at 33°F (0.6°C).

Complete details on the commercial plumbing time study can be found at: