Detecting leaky pipes

When attempting to locate which loop has the leak after removing sheetrock, paneling or backside of cabinets exposing all the water loops, I shoot each pipe with an infrared dual laser thermometer, which gives a quick readout of the pipe temperature. This will let you know which pipe has the water flowing through it, saving the old way of cutting each riser and then having to re-solder or connect. The thermometer is usually less than $40 and more than pays for itself on the first leak repair.

Bill Pair

Pair Plumbing and Septic

Cameron, Texas


Clearing a condensate line

I have found in most cases with a clogged condensate line that runs to the exterior of the house that I was able to easily clear it by threading a female PVC fitting on to the male end of the water hose and stick the PVC fitting on the condensate line. Then you turn on the water for a few seconds and pull off the hose and it flushes the gunk out of the coil and drain line. It’s a time and money saver.

Layne Preston

ASR Mechanical

Tomball, Texas


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