Keeping track of PEX crimpers

Trying to keep my PEX crimpers handy and clean has been a never-ending battle until recently. I took pieces of 1-inch, ¾” and ½”  PEX, each about 3”  long, and connected them with reducing couplings. Then, I took a piece of wire and formed a kind of coat hanger assembly and passed it through the middle of the pipe allowing me to hang my crimpers from each appropriate size pipe. No more searching or finding my tools buried under a dirty shovel. They travel well and I always know they are cleaned up from the job.

Herb Abendroth

Davie Mechanical & Building Maintenance

Mocksville, North Carolina


Fixing a wiggly toilet seat

Insert the toilet seat mounting bolts (usually nylon 3/8” OD) into the mounting holes of the toilet seat hinges. Place a rubber/neoprene cone washer (3/8” ID x 5/8” OD) onto each of the two mounting bolts, tapered end down. Insert this assembly into the 5/8” hole of the toilet bowl. Thread the nylon nut onto the bolts and tighten to secure. If the hole is larger, use the appropriate size cone washer to fill the hole. The double-stick tape and sticky gaskets eventually give way. This takes the wiggle out of the toilet seat and the aggravation away from the installer and user.

Ray Bordelon

Apartment Services

Metairie, Louisiana


For a better fit

When applying Teflon tape to male pipe threads, I have found utilizing pipe dope first helps the Teflon tape adhere more effectively to the fitting. For a better fit, also apply in a clockwise direction for a better seal.

Tom Dumas

TC Plumbing LLC

Pataskala, Ohio


Send Us Your Tool Tips

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