Viega unveiled its newly renovated Viega Educational Facility with the addition of its Interactive Learning Center and improved hands-on training facilities.

In conjunction with the facility’s classrooms, the state-of-the-art Interactive Learning Center features 16 vignettes of Viega solutions, including recently introduced products Viega MegaPress for stainless pipe and In-Wall Flushing Technology. Rather than static displays, the Interactive Learning Center’s vignettes offer touchscreen panels and functional displays of Viega products in commercial, residential, shipbuilding and industrial applications.

The functional displays include operational fixtures and wall cutaways to show installed Viega solutions. The lower level of the Viega Educational Facility was renovated for improved hands-on training, especially for commercial applications. Now, professionals receiving training can engage in hands-on training methods such as installing Viega products in a real boiler room setting.

“The overhaul of the Viega Educational Facility delivers an immersive and engaging learning experience that pairs cutting-edge training with Viega’s trusted solutions,” Viega Director of Technical Services Jason McKinnon said. “Innovations, such as the Interactive Learning Center give professionals new and exciting ways to prepare for using Viega products in the field.”

Each year, more than 4,000 professionals receive training from Viega. Viega offers dedicated classes for groups of 10 or more, as well as customized training programs designed for specific needs. To learn more, visit