Due to overwhelming demand, the Thermostat Recycling Corp. is extending the 2017 Big Man on Planet registration deadline until June 31.

In partnership with Heating, Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Distributors International, BMOP runs through Oct. 31, and all HARDI wholesaler members are eligible to participate.

BMOP encourages HARDI members to promote TRC’s mercury thermostat collection program at their branches. To accommodate distributors of all sizes, three winning wholesalers will be determined as follows: the one that recycles the most pounds of mercury overall, the one that recycles the highest average pounds of mercury, and the one with the highest branch participation rate (for distributors with more than 10 locations).

Additionally, a $500 store incentive will be awarded to the top three branch locations that recycle the most. Winners will be recognized at HARDI’s annual conference, Dec. 2-5 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

HARDI distributors may sign up to compete in BMOP at www.thermostat-recycle.org/BMOP. For distributors not currently participating in TRC’s collection program, more information is available at www.thermostat-recycle.org, or by calling 888-266-0550.

Past winners include:                                                              

• 2016: Johnstone Supply, Gustave Larson, and Auer Steel

• 2015: Auer Steel, Johnson Supply, US Air Conditioning Distributors, and Johnstone Supply

• 2014: Corken Steel Products, Crescent Parts & Equipment, and Johnstone Supply

• 2013: Johnstone Supply

• 2012: Johnson Supply

For more information about TRC, or to find a mercury-containing thermostat recycling location, visit www.thermostat-recycle.org.

Source: HARDI