If you don’t believe that radio and television marketing still work, this isn’t just my opinion. It’s an opinion based on the work I’ve done with clients and partners recently, as well as over many years.

Here’s what I do know about radio and TV marketing…it doesn’t work unless you plan out and execute the campaigns way ahead of time. When planning radio or TV campaigns, there are four key things you must do to be successful.

  1. Select the radio and TV stations that reach your desired target audience based on measured proof from these stations that your audience is really engaging with them.


  1. Create a commercial that stands out. That may mean using a catchy jingle. This is especially so on radio, but it applies to TV too.


  1. Find stations that will provide a “three” frequency from the right audience. That means that in any given week your audience would see or hear your ads a minimum of three times, so your message or jingle can more easily get stuck in their heads.


  1. For TV, use a banner at the bottom of the TV screen that has your vital information on it so if people DVR the program and fast forward through the commercials your information will still be seen.


But as I already discussed in my last post, Market now to make the phone ring later, if you don’t start planning and executing that plan using a marketing calendar — way before you want the phone to ring — you’ll just have wasted a whole lot of marketing dollars.

In fact, of all the mistakes I’ve seen contractors make with radio and TV marketing, the biggest is misjudging the amount of time it takes to get everything teed up. You have to be proactive!

You have to research the right radio and TV stations. You need to come up with what it is your going to be marketing that sets you apart from the crowd noise your competitors put out there. (Note: the most effective campaign I’ve been around have all used the power of testimonials from happy customers.) Then you need to get enough ears and/or eyeballs to react to what you’re saying! This all takes time.

Radio and TV marketing can be very effective but if you want to have your phone ringing in the months ahead, break out your marketing calendar and start