Copper Development Association app

The Copper Development Association introduces the Copper Tube Handbook app that can be downloaded directly onto an iPad or smartphone and carried onto the jobsite. Also available through the app are several short, educational how-to videos from the “Do it Proper with Copper” series, which demonstrate the various copper joining techniques as well as help distinguish the different sizings and designations for copper tube, pipe and fittings.

The tablet version of the app allows users to skim through the pages like a book or jump directly to different sections of the manual — including the how-to videos — by using the Table of Contents. The Table of Contents can also be accessed from a drop-down toolbar located on the top right-hand corner of the app. Hyperlinks help users to navigate to industry websites without having to search for them online. Similar navigation features can also be accessed on the iPhone. 

The app can be downloaded through iTunes or Android Google Play.