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Sean McCormack of BMC Plumbing & Heating (Rockland County, N.Y.) recently received Dunkirk’s Distinguished Dealer Award. Pictured are (left to right): Bob Shea, Metro New York Regional Sales Manager for ECR International; McCormack; and Fred Hartel of John M. HartelCo.

Shea and Hartel presented McCormack with the award at John M. Hartel’s Montvale, N.J., location. “Sean’s dedication to the heating needs of residents along the Hudson River in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and thoughtful, real-life solutions deserve to be recognized,” Shea said.

 He added: “Instead of just installing another boiler in the basement (and on the floor), Sean utilized the Dunkirk Helix VLT wall-hung stainless-steel modulating condensing boiler. He provided homeowners with high-efficiency heating systems and peace of mind against future flooding. Sean capitalized on unused wall space, such as the laundry room, and the Helix VLT’s built in primary/secondary piping allowed him to do it!”