electric radiant body


Electric radiant heating system manufacturer Warmly Yours has three tips to selling an electric radiant system to homeowners: affordable luxury, two price points and voltage requirements.

• An affordable luxury. Although most people think of floor heating being an expensive luxury, radiant heating has become more affordable. For example, in a standard bathroom it can cost roughly $1,000.

Radiant heating warms the surface of the floor, keeping your feet warm, which makes you feel warmer at a cooler temperature. Using programmable thermostats also makes it easy to track heat into certain rooms as needed. All this saves the consumer on energy usage, making the benefit outweigh the expense.

Radiant heating works well underneath carpet, hardwood floors, tile, stone, concrete and floating wood floors. It can be installed in any room in the home.

• Two price points. There are two different price points for which radiant heating is typically sold. Standard and stock roll mats are less expensive than custom and/or cut-and-turn mats. Stock roll mats are standard-size heating cable mats instead of custom or cut-and-turn mats.

Custom and cut-and-turn mats are generally around the same price point. Custom mats are designed specifically to fit the dimensions of a room. Cut-and-turn mats can become custom and more flexible by simply cutting and turning at 90° and 180° to cover the area that needs to be heated.

• Voltage requirements. 120 volts are usually standard for rooms 50 sq. ft. and under. For rooms 60 sq. ft. and up, a 240-volt system is used. It is possible to use 120 volts in a larger room but it will probably need a dedicated circuit.

 Programmable thermostats aren’t new, but the ability to regulate temperature is. It puts more control into the homeowner’s hands to adjust the temperature throughout the day, utilizing the heat only when and where it’s needed. The newer systems are very user-friendly with a wide variety of options.