Be the hero, and turn a sad story into positive public relations.

Last time in Marketing Mondays I promised to reveal marketing and public relations expertTom Peric’s other “secret weapon” to getting good (inexpensive) press. If his last suggestion got you motivated to create Four Seasons Folders and build relationships with the local press, then this next one may challenge you to go one step further.

As I mentioned, Peric was one of five teleseminar speakers I listened to during a customer service session. There were more than 500 of us taking notes over the phone, and Peric’s enthusiasm for grabbing beneficial press opportunities was infectious. It sure got me excited. As an industry reporter, I daydreamed about all the calls, emails and letters I’d now receive because contractors were no longer afraid to share their story and expertise.

But now, on to Peric’s Big Reveal on getting positive press.

He calls it “Sad Story P.R.” where basically something bad, unfortunate and unforeseen happens and you, the plumber, are there to make things better. Pick up any daily newspaper and you’ll read aboutsad peoplewhose homes or businesses are damaged either from burst water pipes, failed materials or faulty appliances. These “sad stories” could cause financial burdens "