The NEWSand sponsor WaterFurnace International will host a free webinar Sept. 9 on geothermal systems.

WaterFurnace International Inc., in conjunction withThe NEWS, will host “Closing the Loop - Understanding Geothermal Loop Installations” – the third in a series of webinars designed to help contractors sell and install geothermal systems.

In this webinar, set for Sept. 9 at 1 pm EDT, learn more about getting started with geothermal looping. Topics discussed include:
  • Locating and sizing loops for optimal system and cost efficiency
  • Drilling options for different applications
  • Grouting and thermal conductivity
  • Loop maintenance
  • Helpful resources for training and information
A live Q&A from attendee-submitted questions will follow. If you can't attend live,register and watch on-demand.