As green building continues to gain momentum, The EPA has expanded its role in this growing trend. It has released a new video on green buildings in its Green Scene series. The video features Dr.Bill Sanders, director of EPA's National Center for Environmental Research, talking about how EPA is encouraging and supporting green building, and how homeowners can take simple steps to green their homes. According to EPA, green building demonstrates numerous opportunities to improve the impacts of buildings on the environment and health.

EPA recently issued a new green building strategy to assist in the mainstream adoption of green building practices. The strategy builds on and calls for better coordination among existing programs, such as EnergyStar and WaterSense, which are designed to reduce the impacts of buildings and development.

The strategy also includes an increased focus on research. Already, EPA has invested more than 80 grants and fellowships awarded by the National Center for Environmental Research. The center has also awarded more than $5 million through its Small Business Innovative Research contracts.

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