In response to the growing needs of areas affected by the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, Hurst Boiler announces it hasstepped up production and 24/7 emergency fulfillment of ready-to-ship stock boilers and equipment. To ensure the boiler needs of storm victims can be met, Hurst Boiler is also offering to source any boiler products it is unable to provide.

Representatives are on call 24/7 to receive and quick-ship orders for several high pressure scotch steam boilers in production for emergency response; stocked, ready-to-ship low pressure steam and hot water LPE boilers (to 100 hp); every size of 4VT vertical boilers up to 50 hp; more than 30 burners in natural gas, LP gas, #2 oil, and combination gas/oil; as well as blow-down separators.  Additionally, boiler feed water systems and boiler feed water pumps for most applications can be quick-shipped in just a few days.

For emergency boiler assistance, areas affected by Hurricane Sandy can call any local Hurst Boiler representative or Hurst corporate at 229/346-3545, fax 229/346-3874, or state in Subject line: Hurricane Sandy Emergency Boiler Help Needed).