ECR International recently donated a boiler and a furnace to Morrisville State College for training HVAC technicians in its RESCON course. 

ECR Internationalrecently donated a boiler and a furnace toMorrisville State Collegefor training HVAC technicians in itsResidential Constructioncourse. 

“ECR strongly believes that training for future HVAC technicians is key to the growth and success of our industry,”  announcedTim Reed, executive director of the ECR International Foundation. “We think that Morrisville has a great program and are excited to be able to have future technicians learn the trade on our equipment.”

Morrisville’s RESCON course focuses on the study of heat transfer in conventional building materials and construction techniques for reducing energy consumption. Subjects covered will also include residential hot water, hot air and steam heating systems. Sizing of heating and cooling systems and selection of peripheral components are covered.

TheECR International Foundationwas established in 2007 to enable ECR to more efficiently and effectively support philanthropic initiatives.