Delta-Therm Corp. announced the biggest commercial radiant heat project in the company's history "

Delta-Therm Corp.announced the biggest commercial radiant heat project in the company's history "

Delta-Therm’s new 2FW two-conductor floor-warming cable is a zero EMF cable. It does not produce a field of EMF emissions that could interfere with BMW’s computers and other electronic devices, an important consideration in today’s increasingly electronic workplace.

The BMW installation began with a clean, dry subfloor onto which the installers nailed strapping clips approximately 2 inches from the outer wall. Next, they installed a junction box to house the thermostat. They then snaked the cable back and forth across the room in a pattern recommended by Delta-Therm. They used aluminum heat transfer tape to adhere the cable to the floor. 

Unlike a single conductor system, wherein the end of a cable must eventually return to its starting point in order to operate, the Delta-Therm’s 2FW product doesn't have to come back to its original starting point. That shortens installation time and simplifies the initial cable patterning process.

"It goes very quickly and it looks great in terms of how it lays," Fisher said.  

A temperature sensor was then installed in the floor followed by mortar over the strapping and cable.

BMW chose to lay German-imported Klinker® tile, the same tile featured in BMW showrooms worldwide, as its flooring surface. Grout and seal were applied in a normal fashion, following the manufacturer's recommendations.

From start to finish, the BMW project took two months to complete and Delta-Therm provided individual drawings for each zone. "Delta-Therm designed the exact layout of the entire system," said Fisher. "Each cable was colored and coded by resistance and cable length, which made it very easy to do the installation."

Delta-Therm's 2FW zero EMF floor warming cable systems come with a 10-year warranty and thermostat with built-in GFCI for added safety. Cables arrive ready to install with no modifications required, and can be used in any room using convenient clips that easily work around fixtures. The 1/8-inch diameter cable installs tight to the floor in a thin embedded layer. All Delta-Therm products are listed by nationally recognized testing laboratories including UL, CSA and FM. All installation methods are in full compliance with the National Electric Code (NEC).