Duct tape to the rescue

When trying to solder with water running through a pipe, wrap duct tape around the end of a short piece of pipe 1 in. smaller than the pipe being soldered. Insert the duct-taped end of the smaller pipe into the larger pipe; water should now flow through the smaller pipe. Solder a full-port ball valve onto the larger pipe, remove the smaller pipe and close the valve.

Charles Keppler

Knights Plumbing

Newton, N.J.


No more glitter

Instead of using a tiny hacksaw to cut off bolts at the base of a toilet, I use solid-brass johnny bolts and cut them with a good pair of linesman pliers. This prevents the bolts from moving while cutting and eliminates the glitter-like mess you get when you saw the bolts. No more busted knuckles and no more mess. And, since brass is soft, it does not harm your pliers.

Michael Grisson

Braxton Plumbing

Waynesboro, Pa.


Cut more holes

Smear a little silicone grease on the inside and outside of hole saws. With the lubrication, they won’t bind and you can cut more holes in a shorter period of time. You also get more holes cut if you are using a battery drill.

Frank Grammo

Littleton, N.H.

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