Each year, Plumbing & Mechanical editors receive thousands of product releases from industry manufacturers. The 20 products on the following pages have earned the distinction of PM’s Top Products of 2015, based on page views at www.PMmag.com.


  1. Hilti rotating laser
    The beam from the Hilti PRI 36 Green Rotating Laser shines up to four times brighter than a conventional red laser beam, ensuring better visibility over long distances.
  2. Jaga Climate Systems thin fan-coil radiator
    Jaga’s Briza measures 4 1/2” deep, features Low-H2O technology and can be used in conjunction with renewable energy sources such as geothermal or solar systems.
  3. Marathon-Baxi wall panel radiator
    Marathon’s Baxi Euro high-output, wall-panel, cast-aluminum radiators are easy to install with either the flat or open side forward.
  4. Caleffi idronics ‘Circulation in Hydronics Systems’
    Caleffi’s 16th edition of idronics explains how circulators are sized and selected, which is crucial to good hydronic system design.
  5. Bosch smart thermostat and boiler controller
    Bosch Thermotechnology’s Remote Room Controller Smart Thermostat uses Wi-Fi to monitor and adjust space heating and domestic hot water from a smartphone or tablet.
  6. Uponor radiant control panel
    Uponor’s Radiant Ready 30E is a compact, pre-assembled, easy-to-install panel. It includes a heat-only thermostat, an outdoor temperature sensor and fastening hardware.
  7. Rinnai condensing tankless water heater
    Rinnai’s Ultra Series RUR models features a MC-195T digital controller and can be installed with a thermal bypass valve.
  8. TOTO high-efficiency toilet
    TOTO’s one-piece, inclusive-height UltraMax II 1G — with its Double Cyclone technology and SanaGloss glaze — delivers ultra-high-efficiency flushing using only 1 gal. of water.
  9. Neoperl adapter kits
    Neoperl adapter kits contain 17 adapters to solve almost any thread issue found in the field. The Water Saving Aerator kit (pictured) contains a wide selection of water-saving products.
  10. Noritz condensing tankless water heaters
    Noritz’s NRCP98-DV and NRCP1112-DV have an Energy Factor of 0.95 for both natural gas and LP gas, and each delivers water from 100° F to 140°.
  11. Intellihot commercial tankless water heater
    Intellihot’s iQ1501 tankless water heater delivers 1.5 million Btu and offers 50% increased capacity from the iQ1000 model, in a 680-lb., 30”-wide unit.
  12. DeWalt self-leveling 360° line laser
    DeWalt’s DW0811 Self-Leveling 360° Line and Vertical Line Laser simulates the functionality of a rotary laser and projects bright crossing horizontal and vertical lines.
  13. Exact Pipe Tools portable pipe stand
    Exact Pipe Tools’ portable PipeBench 170 weighs 22.5 lb., can be used on 0.6” to 6.7” diameter pipe and has a maximum load capacity of 441 lb.
  14. Myson steel panel radiators
    Myson’s CV & RCV Contractor Series comes with an integrated valve and bottom-connection option for easy install, and is ideal for low-temp systems.
  15. Eva water-saving shower device
    Eva is a “smart shower” device featuring a sensor system that uses an advanced algorithm to reduce the amount of water usage during a shower.
  16. Grohe thermostatic tub and shower valve
    Grohe’s GrohTherm 2000 thermostat features three technical and design components: CoolTouch, EasyReach storage and XL Waterfall.
  17. American Standard self-cleaning HET
    American Standard’s VorMax toilet, with EverClean antimicrobial finish, eliminates the traditional tiny rim holes around the bowl that carry water during a flush.
  18. McElroy serrated inserts for pipe fusion
    McElroy’s OneFit inserts make it possible to butt-fuse a range of pipe sizes on a single machine. The single insert design fits directly into the jaws of the machine.
  19. Tjerlund residential fresh air intake system
    Tjernlund’s Fresh Air In-Forcer supplies fresh outside air to dilute trapped pollutants and replace air vented by exhaust fans and fuel-burning equipment in residential structures.
  20. Ames drywall finishing box
    Ames’ EasyClean Box applies joint compound to all drywall flat recess or butt joints, crowning the joint and feathering out the edges with an adjustable SST blade.