Raising commercial equipment

Sometimes you need to raise commercial kitchen equipment — such as a pot sink, prep table or dishwashing unit — higher than the adjustable legs allow in order to diagnose a problem or complete a repair. To make them taller, I make cups from 1 1/4-in. or 1 1/2-in. PVC pipe. I glue the test cap on one end and fill with concrete or plaster to the amount needed to increase height. Cut the PVC 1-in. longer to make the cup, and it will not pull off the leg.

Richard Yoraschek

LaBelle Plumbing Corp.

Labelle, Fla.


Improvised radiator spud wrench

I was in the middle of installing a radiator and noticed the spud which is connected to the valve was loose. I didn’t have my radiator spud wrench but I had an adjustable 24-in. pipe wrench. The grooved part of the jaw hook was a perfect fit for the inside of the radiator spud. I removed the adjusting ring, inserted the jaw hook into the spud, then tightened it with another adjustable wrench.

Michael Bayarsky

Mike’s Auto Designs

Brooklyn, N.Y.


Removal of faucet cartridge

When the brass stem is broken off a Moen Posi-Temp cartridge, the cartridge puller is of no use. Instead, remove the retainer clip and spray the cartridge with vinegar. Rotate the cartridge a few times using Moen's white plastic tool. Then drill a 1/8-in. hole into the plastic cartridge next to the broken stem. Place a drywall screw into the hole. Grip the head of the screw with electric pliers and pull the cartridge out. Clean the brass valve with a copper fitting brush. Install the new cartridge and reinstall retainer clip.

Mike Glapinksi

JMJ Plumbing

Franklin, Wis.

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