Save the clean-outs

It’s good to have a run of PVC male adapters from 1 1/4 in. to 4 in. on hand when on a drain-cleaning job to remove the clean-out plug. Put the adapter in place of the plug to protect the clean-out threads from the drain-cleaning cable. The adapters can be used on brass or PVC clean-outs. Put the adapters on a wire and hang them on your drain-cleaning machine so they are always available.

John Stafford Sr.
Eagle’s Plumbing & Heating
Parkville, Md.


Removing a stuck posi-temp cartridge

Posi-temp cartridge

I found this out quite by accident after I had already broken off the stem of a Moen posi-temp cartridge. I was going to screw two deck screws into the face of the cartridge to use as leverage to yank and twist on. When the first screw went all the way in, it forced the center of the cartridge to push into the valve body. It popped the cartridge out as easy as could be.

John Gwinn
Gold Seal Mechanical
Spokane Valley, Wash.

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Clearing a house trap

The best and easiest way to clear a house trap is to use a RIDGID adjustable water closet auger Model K6 along with a RIDGID shop vac. Both are invaluable tools on my plumbing van. The adjustable closet auger grabs or grinds most items. However, if you encounter a slurry, just suck it out with the shop vac. Sometimes both are needed to complete the job but both are compact and easy to lift.

Stephen Bradbury
Wakefield Plumbing & Heating
Middletown, R.I.