Founded as a cleaning and restoration services company in 1992, Stockbridge, Ga.-based Creative MultiCare launched its plumbing division in 2007. “When our water-extraction technicians were called to the site of broken or clogged pipes, especially late at night, they were all too often left waiting for plumbers to arrive,” explains Patrick McDonald, Creative’s president. “We thought we could do a better, more responsive job and I believe we have.”

Today, Creative’s plumbing team numbers 55 employees and provides a full range of plumbing services for residential and commercial customers throughout most of northern Georgia. The company operates as many as 30 service vehicles a day, including seven full-time jetting trucks such as the 2013 Isuzu NPR pictured above, states Adam Barnes, plumbing manager at Creative MultiCare.

Creative’s jet trucks are each operated by two-person teams (an experienced plumber and a helper) and fitted with a jet-clearing unit. “We love the maneuverability, the storage space for equipment and the ease of use,” Barnes says. "The trucks are designed to function with maximum productivity in mind.”

Each jet truck also carries a video-detection unit that “allows for the reconnaissance of many plumbing issues that normally go unseen,” he says. Results are saved to a DVD or thumb drive and are shown to customers on-site so they can see what’s wrong.

“This is vital when time is of the essence,” McDonald adds. “As is Creative’s ability to quickly and proficiently fix the problem, no matter if it’s caused by tree roots, fat, oils, grease or some other culprit.”

McDonald says the physical set up of the jet trucks, including the location of the jetting apparatus and the various compartments for storing equipment and supplies, was designed for the safety and convenience of Creative’s plumbing team.

“The trucks’ clean lines and uncomplicated, contrasting color-scheme — black and white with well-placed graphics in the company’s signature blue-green — help to draw attention to the company’s main slogan,” he adds.

Creative’s other plumbing vehicles, such as its vans and pickup trucks, all have the same or similar color scheme and graphic style as the jet trucks.

McDonald says the slogan, “Any drain, any time,” which is displayed on the side of the trucks, represents the company’s promise to its customers.

“This written declaration was self-designed with the singular intention to communicate clearly yet succinctly with our customers and potential customers,” he explains. “We stand ready, willing and able to tackle and resolve any sort of plumbing problem, large or small, complex or simple, whenever it occurs, meaning 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”