tdi body

TDIndustries’ prefabrication shop crew participates in stretching exercises before beginning the daily shift. Photo credit: TDIndustries


Mechanical contractor TDIndustries recently signed “The CEO Pledge” to promote physical activity as an important driver of employee health and wellness, impacting overall business performance. According to sponsor National Coalition of Promoting Physical Activity, CEOs who sign the pledge agree to implement at least six strategies to create and promote a culture of physical activity in their workplace. 

“We consider our health and wellness programs important initiatives, right up there with our safety programs,” says Harold MacDowell, CEO of TDIndustries. 

The company offers numerous wellness and physical activity programs, such as:

• Offering a third-party administered wellness program to all TDPartners and their spouses, which offers incentives for wellness outcomes;

• Providing expense reimbursements for half the cost of personal fitness tools;

• Subsidizing membership fees to fitness facilities;   

• Creating an indoor walking trail in the corporate office to encourage the use of the stairs; and   

• Hosting annual health fairs that include biometric screenings and free flu shots.