WinWholesale is extending its Winsupply brand with the opening of Escondido Winsupply in Southern California and Orange County Winsupply in Montgomery, N.Y.  Both companies serve plumbing and mechanical contractors, but with different product mixes. 

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Escondido Winsupply covers north San Diego County with plumbing and heating products, while Orange County provides industrial pipe, valves and fittings to customers in the Hudson Valley, western Connecticut, northern New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania regions.

“Opening Escondido and Orange County Winsupply are good examples of how WinWholesale is starting new locations from one end of the county to the other,” said Monte Salsman, WinWholesale chief operating officer. “We are planning more openings for the near future.”

WinWholesale, one of the largest distributors in the United States, is the majority shareholder in Escondido and Orange County Winsupply. It provides the companies with support services such as accounting, payroll, IT and marketing. There are nearly 550 WinWholesale locations across the United States serving the residential and commercial construction and industrial markets with supplies and materials.