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How many times did you lose a job because the consumer went with the “cheapest” company? How many times did you get a call to remedy that particular job that wasn’t done right? The National Association of Oil and Energy Service Professionals will launch the Home Comfort Specialist Academy at its annual convention and trade show May 19-23 in Hershey, Pa.

In development for nearly two years, the overall objective of the HCSA is to provide information to participants that will give them confidence to successfully address the complex needs of today’s energy consumers. The goal of the HCSA is to help technicians close more sales and provide customers with a system that keeps them comfortable, safe, and is the best solution for their energy dollars.

Several modules of this program will be presented at the convention: heat gain and heat loss; efficiencies and AFUE; prospecting and marketing; and customer relations. Visit www.thinkoesp.org for more information about HCSA, as well as convention registration. 


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