Navigation by chain
Garbage disposal
Drainage nipple

Navigation by chain

When navigating through a finished wall to run pipe or control wiring, this can be a useful tool: a small-diameter chain that you can purchase from your local hardware store by the foot. From below, locate and drill a hole in the bottom plate of your stud wall. Then drill a small hole above where your wiring or piping will protrude through the finished wall.

Feed the chain through the hole in the wall; there is a good chance it will find the hole you drilled in the bottom plate of your stud wall. It works much better than a fish tape, especially when working solo.

Justin Kelekian
Advanced Hydronics

Jack usage No. 1 - garbage disposal

The older I get, the harder it is for me to install an InSinkErator garbage disposal by holding it up with one hand and turn the locking ring with the other. So I bought a little bottle jack - only 7 in. tall. I placed the jack right under the disposal and used it to lift the disposal up where I needed it, then locked the ring with no trouble at all. It really works great.

Ted Lancia
Hilliard, Ohio 

Jack usage No. 2 - drainage nipple

While working in a tight sink cabinet to remove the drainage nipple from the wall tee, I use my pipe wrench and put a small car jack on the end of the handle to loosen the nipple.

Gustavo Lopez
Gustavo Lopez Plumbing & Electric
Duarte, Calif.