Mobile app provides contractors with on-demand product information.

Screenshot of the State Water Heaters warranty check app

The recently launchedState Water Heaters Warranty Check Appis available for Apple’s iPhone and iPad as well as Google’s Android. The new mobile app enables contractors and plumbers to easily review a water heater’s warranty information in the field.

The free app fromState Water Heatersis designed for use on both commercial and residential State Water Heater models.

“The growing popularity of smartphones and tablets in the contractor community has created an opportunity to deliver product information at the point of need,” saidMatt Southards, senior manager of digital marketing and strategy for State Water Heaters. "As an industry leader, it is important that State Water Heaters provide its contractors with the most current technology."

The State Water Heaters Warranty Check app is available for free download for the iPhone, iPad and Android phones at the following locations:

  • State Water Heaters website

  • Apple App Store

  • Google Play

    Source: State Water Heaters

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