The American Society of Sanitary Engineering (ASSE) will join theIAPMO Group, pending a vote by ASSE’s membership. IAPMO PresidentDan Danielsand CEO GPRuss Chaneyformally presented an invitation for the transition Friday, July 20, to the ASSE Board of Directors, which accepted the invitation. IAPMO and ASSE are now working together to draft a legally binding document for the transition. The proposal will be balloted to the society’s membership at ASSE’s annual meeting, Nov. 13‐17, in Philadelphia.

In February of 2011, IAPMO and ASSE signed a copyright agreement to jointly develop and market Professional Qualification Standards under the ASSE/ANSI accredited standards development process. The ANSI‐accredited process and committee structure employed by ASSE to develop both product and professional qualification standards would remain intact.

“IAPMO and ASSE are two venerable organizations that for decades have worked both individually and often in collaboration toward numerous mutual objectives in the name of public health and safety,” Chaney said. “Because they are such strong complements to one another, there is really a natural fit in working together permanently.”

ASSE keeps name

As a result of the realignment, ASSE would maintain its name and identity while functioning as a National Chapter of IAPMO. This would enable ASSE to utilize IAPMO Group resources, such as access to IAPMO R&T Lab, membership fulfillment and recruiting staff, communications and marketing staff and the Field Services department, which would promote all aspects of ASSE domestically and internationally, to further develop the society.

The IAPMO Group since 1995 has enjoyed steady, significant annual growth with regard to scope, financial flexibility and stature. The proposal would enable ASSE to expand its influence in both the domestic and international markets and further augment services provided to ASSE customers and members.

“ASSE and IAPMO have been working more closely together in recent years developing standards and programs to better enhance the industry,” ASSE PresidentDon Summerssaid. “As a reflection of this work, ASSE has been able to grow several of its programs that have directly impacted the industry. Due to this collaboration, it only makes sense that this is the right time for these two organizations to join together for the health, safety, and advancement of the industry.”